Friday, November 5, 2010

New fun toys!

I just got in the mail the Butterfly Kiss and Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings from I will be reviewing the Butterfly Kiss in a day or two, but the cock rings I will review now.

I gave the Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings as a gift to my boyfriend. Just a little background, He (Patrick) has no difficulty getting an erection, however he cannot keep an erection for longer than about 2 minutes. Our next step to find out what what might be able to help him was using a cock ring.

Since this is a male toy, this review will be in the words of my boyfriend.

I opened up the package and was quite surprised. Although they are not too strechy, they seem very durable and would last a long time. Picking out which of the 3 included sizes was a little confusing, but I found the right size for me.

Because they do not stretch much, putting it on was not the fastest task, however once I got it on, I was amazed at how well it actually worked. It gave me a MUCH longer lasting erection and it was even a bit harder than normal.

The rings can be found here:

Here is my overall breakdown of the Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings:
(on a scale of 1 to 10)

Price: 10
Durability: 10
Comfort (while putting on): 4
Comfort (after putting on): 8
Worth buying: 8

I hope that helps you out some, thank you for reading our review.
Nicole and Patrick

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