Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Protouch Plug Review

The Protouch Plug can be found here:

Based on the packaging alone of this, I was not expecting much out of this toy. It seemed to be cheap, but I kept an open mind and tried it out.

I was able to insert the toy with ease, and it felt quite good. The curve seems to work perfectly for beginner p-spot stimulation. Cleaning the plug is very easy, mostly because it is powered by a removable cordless bullet. Because of where the bullet sits in the toy, it does not vibrate as hard as I would have liked it to, but enjoyable none the less. Once I removed the bullet I found that the bullet is extremely powerful and works amazingly well by itself without the plug at all. This is a great toy for beginners for anal play. People with experience with anal play already may not enjoy this as much, however it does have an amazing bullet that can be used!

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Duribility - 7
Portibility - 8
Ease of use - 9
Ease to clean - 9
Pleasure - 7

Overall - 8

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