Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babeland Satin Bondage Kit Review

I am back with another review! The Babeland Satin Bondage Kit Not too long ago I got the Babeland Satin Bondage Kit and must say that it is amazing! The Satin feels great due to it being so soft. One of the downsides with getting this kit is that it is so soft. With having your restraints being satin, they become difficult to tie and thus not a great choice for people who are experienced in bondage or on a more advanced level. By no means would I say that is is not well made, I just need to warn you of what the target audience of this is. I highly recommend getting this if you are new to bondage or are wanting to test the waters of bondage. Not only is this great for beginners bondage, it also comes with a blindfold for an intro to sensory deprecation.


Comfort: 10
Restraint Ability: 5
Price: 8
Overall: 7.5