Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Protouch Plug Review

The Protouch Plug can be found here:

Based on the packaging alone of this, I was not expecting much out of this toy. It seemed to be cheap, but I kept an open mind and tried it out.

I was able to insert the toy with ease, and it felt quite good. The curve seems to work perfectly for beginner p-spot stimulation. Cleaning the plug is very easy, mostly because it is powered by a removable cordless bullet. Because of where the bullet sits in the toy, it does not vibrate as hard as I would have liked it to, but enjoyable none the less. Once I removed the bullet I found that the bullet is extremely powerful and works amazingly well by itself without the plug at all. This is a great toy for beginners for anal play. People with experience with anal play already may not enjoy this as much, however it does have an amazing bullet that can be used!

Have a Merry Christmas!


Duribility - 7
Portibility - 8
Ease of use - 9
Ease to clean - 9
Pleasure - 7

Overall - 8

Icicles Swirl Dildo Review

This review is of the Icicles Swirl glass Dildo. It can be found at:

The first thing I have to say here is that if you have never used a glass dildo before...GET ONE! They are absolutely amazing! This is by far the best product that I have used myself. This dildo comes in very professional looking packaging. Nothing but high quality for this. It does pack a bit of weight it in...I mean, it is glass. Durability of this is unmatched with anything else. The only real downside is that with the dildo being glass, it is very smooth. Not to say that smooth is bad, but it does not provide as much stimulation as some others do. It is a bit hard actually to review a product that I am such a fan of.


Durability - 10
Pleasure - 7
Price - 9
Portability - 3

Overall - 8

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tenga Egg Review

The next item that I am reviewing is the Tenga Egg. It can be found here:
Tenga Egg

I found the packaging to be cute. It actually looks like an egg and is amazing if you need to carry something with you that is small and subtle. I opened up the plastic egg and inside it was the toy with a packet of lube in it. After feeling the toy for a bit, I was not expecting much from it. It was very stretchy and it felt like it would rip easily.

After using it I was surprised by the outcome. I was able to use quite a bit of force with it and it did not seem to give out. I still do not entirely trust the durability of it though. With the different textures these eggs can do wonders for your sex life.

These are also one of the easiest toys I have seen when it comes to how easy it is to clean.


Durability: 5
Price: 8
Subtlety: 10
Pleasure: 7
Ease of cleaning: 10
Worth Buying: 8

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Butterfly Kiss (dual-action vibrator) Review

Being that I received the first of my items from for reviewing, here is my review of the
Butterfly Kiss

I took the toy out of its packaging and already knew that it would be fun. Not only is it splashproof, but it is very durable (even for it being bendable). When looking at it, I did notice a couple of flaws in it though. First, the
is near the base of the toy and not at either the clit or the tip (for the g-spot). I did not think that it would stimulate me very much seeing where the bullet was. the other thing that I noticed is that the wings of the butterfly would vibrate the wrong spot of the clit. I was hoping that the base of the butterfly would vibrate more than the wings. Overall my first impression was not the greatest.

I finally put batteries in the toy and tested it out. There are 3 speeds on it: slow, fast, and OMG! This toy has much more power than I expected. After seeing the kind of strength this had, I was very excited to play with it. After using it, I found my expectations to be a bit off. The vibration in the tip is actually pretty decent as long as you do not tighten your kegels too hard. I was, however, right about the butterfly itself. The wings do vibrate very well, but it is not the sides of my clit that I want stimulated. The body of the butterfly itself does not vibrate quite as much as I would like. Even with its problems, it is one hell of a toy. I enjoyed myself very much.


Durability: 8
Comfort: 7
G-Spot Stimulation: 6
Clit Stimulation: 7
Price: 9
Worth Buying: 7.4

I hope this helps you out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

New fun toys!

I just got in the mail the Butterfly Kiss and Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings from I will be reviewing the Butterfly Kiss in a day or two, but the cock rings I will review now.

I gave the Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings as a gift to my boyfriend. Just a little background, He (Patrick) has no difficulty getting an erection, however he cannot keep an erection for longer than about 2 minutes. Our next step to find out what what might be able to help him was using a cock ring.

Since this is a male toy, this review will be in the words of my boyfriend.

I opened up the package and was quite surprised. Although they are not too strechy, they seem very durable and would last a long time. Picking out which of the 3 included sizes was a little confusing, but I found the right size for me.

Because they do not stretch much, putting it on was not the fastest task, however once I got it on, I was amazed at how well it actually worked. It gave me a MUCH longer lasting erection and it was even a bit harder than normal.

The rings can be found here:

Here is my overall breakdown of the Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings:
(on a scale of 1 to 10)

Price: 10
Durability: 10
Comfort (while putting on): 4
Comfort (after putting on): 8
Worth buying: 8

I hope that helps you out some, thank you for reading our review.
Nicole and Patrick

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Awesome site for women friendly sex toys

I just came across which is an amazing website for female friendly sex toys and vibrators.  They are going to be helping me out by letting me reviewing their products so that I can tell all of you which toy will bring the most pleasure to your sex life.  Please refer your friends to this site, as I will be doing reviews of toys and even some special giveaways for some lucky people.

Make sure to bookmark this site. I will be updating very frequently for you.

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