Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do YOU want to be a reviewer?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Have you ever been reading my reviews and thinking to yourself that you could do this yourself? Well, you actually can! I am going to give you all of my secrets. All you have to do is head over to EdenFantasys. There you can start writing your own reviews and get people to critique your work, so that you can become the best reviewer ever! The people over there are amazingly helpful. Simply post a comment in the forums about what you need help with, and you will get a helpful response in no time. Wouldn't you love to know that by reviewing something that you love, you could be helping all of the other people who may be interested in getting the same thing? Not only that, but by reading the reviews of others, you yourself can find what you want to try next.

You can also use their forums to chat with people about whatever you may be interested in. So many of the toys that I review (and still use) came from EdenFantasys. They have one of the largest selections of toys of all the sites that I have seen, and they are only adding more sex toys. Take it from me...I have been with them for a year now, and I still recommend them to everyone. Embrace your sexuality and visit EdenFantasys now!

This post brought to you by EdenFantasys, an online sex toys retailer.

Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women Book Review

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is a book written by Mikaya Heart. This book is 6" by 9" and is 345 pages long.

I am very pleased with this book. It gives information that people really need to know. This book does not simply explain how the female orgasm works and is reached, but it also explains ways for the orgasm to be stronger and better each time.

Mikaya Heart really did her research when writing this book. She gives information on how to help your sexuality even after abuse. She includes many quotes from people that she interviewed herself. If you need to learn how to reach orgasm, increase your sex drive, enjoy sex more, or just be more in touch with your sexuality, this book it perfect for you.

I highly recommend that you read this book. This is information that males should know as well. It will really help out a relationship if both people in it know what is going on, what the fears are, and what needs to change. So, if you have not read this yet, get yourself a copy from Babeland.

I hope that this book helps all of you with your sexuality!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remote Vibe Panty Review

My next item up for review is the
Remote Vibe Panty

Let me start off by saying that I love almost everything that I have ever gotten from
. Unfortunately, this is an exception, but I will break it down and explain what went wrong.

This is a satin panty with a small pocket in it to put the remote controlled vibrator that is included. The satin panty is very soft, however even though it is designed to be adjustable, it is not for bigger people. The panty did not fit me very well at all; the pocket was not in a place where the vibrator could stimulate me.

In terms of the vibrator, the range is decent, but spotty. Occasionally, it will stop working for no reason. I usually like testing the battery life of toys, but with this the battery died in one day while it was not in use. The batteries need to be taken out of this toy when you are not using it.

The power of the vibrator is average, nothing special, but nothing to complain about. This is not a toy that can be used in public discreetly due to how loud the toy is when it is on. When I got this, it broke after the second use. It simply will not respond anymore. It is incredibly unstable and fragile.

If you are looking for a good remote vibe, I would not recommend this one.

I apologize for the length of this review, but the toy simply would not work long enough for me to get much information about it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Solar Bullet Review

I hope you are all having a great Halloween, and when you are done with you parties, you can read about another great product to enhance your intimate life. I am talking about none other than the
Solar Bullet

The Solar Bullet is a simple, yet very amazing bullet. To use this toy, you simply put the small solar panel outside (or anywhere that gets natural sunlight) and have it charge the battery. 8 hours of charging makes for 1 hour of use. The bullet is removable from the panel so it does not look awkward when charging. This toy charges via sunlight, so without sunlight, you cannot use this bullet.

In terms of settings, the only setting that you are given is an intensity switch. This changes the power level up and down for stronger or weaker vibrations. when you turn the bullet on, not only does it vibrate, but it also lights up an LED at the tip of it (just in case you cannot find your vagina :) ).

The performance of this is the most interesting part about this toy. The vibrations range anywhere from strong to very strong. There really is not a lighter setting on this. This is great for people looking for that extra kick, but can also be annoying for attempting to warm up.

Overall, this is an amazing bullet as long as you are looking for something with a little more power than average, and have access to sunlight.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its that time of year!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Attention Readers:

Halloween is comming, and what does that mean? ... Sexy Costumes!
And when it comes to costumes,
does not disappoint.

So, what is your style for Halloween?
Bad Cop
French Maid
? edenfantasys has it all. Have you ever bought a costume that did not hold up longer than the one night that you wore it, but were hoping you could wear it for more intimate encounters? If so, than this site really is for you. You can read reviews of each and every product that they offer to see all of the good (and not so good) aspects of exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at what they have and find something that can really show off your features.

If you still cannot decide after reading through reviews, post a thread on their forum. So many people can give you their honest opinions and give you reasons for why you would prefer something. You can also post a comment here. I would love to see what all of you are interested in getting. You will want to hurry up on getting your costumes though. Halloween is only about two weeks away and they are all ON SALE!!!

Good luck to all of you on finding costumes, and make sure to get as much as you can out of Halloween this year!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Babeland Orchid G Review

It is now time for my review of the
Babeland Orchid G

The Orchid G is a vibrator that is specially designed for G-Spot stimulation and comes in at a price of $22.

This vibrator comes in 2 colors and consists of a long slender shaft with a bulb at the end that is designed to be placed on the G-Spot. The intensity of the vibration is adjustable via a knob at the base of the toy. The power of this can go from very strong to very light and everywhere in between.

Even though this is designed for G-spot use, I did not find it exceptionally stimulating there. I do not believe that the vibration is directed enough in the right place for it to truly pleasure my G-Spot. I do not think that this toy is all that great for its designed purpose, however it does work very well for clit stimulation.

Seeing as this is water-resistant and non-porous, it is very simple to clean. It is water-RESISTANT, that does not mean it is water-proof. It is not submersible!

Overall, I do recommend this vibrator to people, however I recommend it as a clit vibrator rather than a G-Spot vibrator.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs Review

Hello everyone! It is time for my next review. This time I am talking about the
Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs

I am always looking for more bondage toys. I simply cannot get enough of them, and this is no exception. These cuffs caught my eye immediately. I was very interested when I saw a pair of cuffs for only $14! After eagerly waiting, I finally got these in the mail.

When I opened the package, I was actually not nearly as excited as I thought I would be. The cuffs seemed very thin and not very padded or rough play friendly. After using these, I found that I was once again very wrong.

The cuffs are very thin, however they are made of neoprene and are actually very comfortable to wear. The other worry that I really had was that the attachment was Velcro and I am used to rough play. I am not quite sure why, but even though these have Velcro attachments, they did not even come close to coming loose...even with heavy play.

These are very light weight cuffs with extremely durable metal clasps on them for better bondage purposes. The attachment clasps do add quite a bit of weight to these and unbalances them a bit, but overall these are still amazing cuffs.

I would give these a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kinklab Blindfold Review

Seeing as I am really into bondage related toys, I had to get the
Kinklab Blindfold
. I had never actually used a blindfold before, so I knew that this would be a fun adventure!

As soon as I opened the packaging, I was already disappointed with the blindfold. While it is very smooth, the material is not very flexible at all. Not only was the material not flexible, but it is attached by a single small elastic strap that seems easily breakable, as well as easy to stretch it out.

I was very disappointed by the material, but I tried it anyway. When I put it on, I was still very unimpressed. The material was unable to conform to my face, and therefore there were too many places where the light could come through. The blindfold also kept coming off because the elastic strap kept sliding on my hair.

Overall, I was not very happy with this product, and do not recommend that you purchase this. For a few dollars more, you can get a much better product.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Win the vibe of your dreams!

Would you like to win a Pure Platinum, Diamond-Studded Vibrator from JimmyJane?

Here is how you can do it...

All you need to do is subscribe to a Babeland newsletter and you'll be entered automatically to win the
Jimmyjane Little Eternity Platinum
— a pure platinum, diamond-studded vibrator valued at $3250.00.

If you're a Babeland newsletter subscriber already (I would hope that you already are), you're already entered to win.

One winner will be drawn at random on September 6th, 2011.

Jimmyjane Little Eternity Platinum Details:

VS1 Diamonds – 28 conflict-free stones for a total of .66 carats
Medical-grade pure platinum
Waterproof and Bath-Friendly
Dimensions – 5.25” x 0.67”
One AA Battery Included

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibe Review

Hello everyone!

I am back and, after extensive testing, ready to review the
Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibe

First Impression: When opening the package, I was not too excited. It is made of a light weight plastic and is a little bit of an awkward shape. Adding the battery added some weight to it, and I kept an open mind and found out what this thing can do.

Features: Seeing as this is made by Trogen, I was excited to see what this toy had to offer. This toy comes with 3 different tips to cater to different types of sensations. There are two soft silicone tips, and a hard plastic tip. Not only are there interchangeable tips, there are also many settings on this toy. It has everywhere from light to strong constant vibrations, as well as a few pulsating settings for whatever your body may desire.

Use: I can talk about the features of this all day long, but it is pointless unless you know what it can do to help you. The different tips can do wonders for anyone! While the hard tip can offer intense vibrations, the softer tips can form to the body and offer more sensual sensations.

The vibration settings are also amazing! It offers vibrations from as soft as "my first vibrator" all the way to "OMG". It wonderfully caters to everyone whether they are inexperienced or very experienced. There are also a few pulsating settings for when you want to change things up.

Overall: I would put this in my top 3 for favorite vibrators. It may look small, but it is very fierce! 5 stars all the way on this!

You can get your very own at

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pop Plugs Review

After way too long, it is finally time for another review. Not too long ago, I got one of the three sizes of the
"Pop Plugs"
. I chose to get the medium one because I really could not decide which one I wanted. The plug is made of silicone, so it is very safe and easy to clean.

A few things that I love about this plug is how small it is. The medium size that I got is only 2.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. It is the perfect toy for anyone curious about trying anal play, but afraid of it hurting. There is also a smaller size that is only 1 inch wide and just under 2 inches long. Because of how small they are, they are very easy to store and are also very easy to carry around with you.

The only real downside that I have to say about it, is that it is not really designed for people who are experienced in anal play. If you are experienced in anal play, then I would recommend getting the "large" sized plug. I personally got the "medium" and found it to be a little bit too small for me. These are absolutely the best idea for anyone who is looking for a first start into anal though.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Best sex toy site!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

As you should know by now, I am a member of the site Edenfantasys , I am telling all of you that I recommend that all of you get an account on the site. I have only had an account there for a short amount of time and have had nothing but positive experiences. So many people there feel motivated to write meaningful reviews of all of the products there, and also the community is great. It is so nice to have a forum full of people that are friendly and honest. I will be going here for all of my sexual toys and information. Not only is there a great community, but they have an amazing selection of toys for whatever your desire is. Instead of me trying to give a long boring review of the site...go check it out for yourself!

Thank you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Need new toys?

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at

If anyone is looking for some new toys to spice things up a bit, head over to They have some of the best toys I have seen myself and for great prices also. They are always running some kind of special sale so that you can get exactly what you are looking for and not have to worry about the price. Edenfantasys has been so kind to me. Everything that you are wanting to learn or teach is available to do on their site and They also have a giant stock of products and keep getting more and more fun toys for everyone to play with. So many people there feel motivated to write meaningful reviews of all of the products there. It is so nice to have a forum full of people that are friendly and honest. So...If you have not been there yet, I highly recommend that you do go there!

Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel Review

My next product for review is the Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel. This product sells for $18 and in simple terms is warming gel. This gel is .75 oz and is water based. When I got this in the mail, I was a bit unhappy with how small it was, but it is amazing how far a small amount of this goes. The word "gel" does seem a bit misleading though. This is a liquid that comes in a spray bottle. The label says to use several squirts of the spray, however I do not believe that should be done. After about 3 squirts it works well to stimulate and warm the area. After too many squirts the spray will just burn and be very uncomfortable. When used correctly, this gel is amazing and I do recommend it, just be careful to not overuse it. The smell can be a little strong at times, but overall this is very enjoyable.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

All of the reviews that I do here on this site are because of the great friends that I have at

Edenfantasys has been so kind to me. They have a wonderful site and a very friendly community. Everything that you are wanting to learn or teach is available to do on their site. They have a giant stock of products and keep getting more and more fun toys for everyone to play with. I have had my account for a while and have had nothing but positive experiences. So many people there feel motivated to write meaningful reviews of all of the products there. It is so nice to have a forum full of people that are friendly and honest. I have been going here for all of my sexual toys and information.

Toyfriend Rocket Review

I received the Toyfriend Rocket about a month and a half ago, and have not written a review of it yet because I have been busy with trying to move to a new place and get all of my things organized.

There are four different models of this toy and each are a different color. Of the four, I am writing the review on the one that I received (the yellow one).

I have to be honest...I really did not know what to think of this once I opened it. The look of this toy was quite intimidating for me. After opening, I realized that I should not have made so many negative assumptions of this toy. It takes two AA batteries, has a bit of weight to it, and seems very well made.

The vibrating motor itself is the best vibrator motor I have ever used. It is very powerful and has 5 different vibration types. There is low constant vibration, medium constant, high constant, slow pulse and fast pulse. The motor really is high end, I, unfortunately cannot say the same for the toy itself. The toy has an odd shape, and it really does not seem to be for any specific reason. The shape really did not do much for me.

The toy really is great for use on the clit, and (although it was not shaped correctly for me) should work very well on the G-spot as well.


Vibration - 10
Shape - 4
Price - 7

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mark - Realistic Dildo Review

About a month back, I got the
Tantus "Mark" Dildo
from Babeland. To sum up this entire post...GET IT! This is by far the best sex toy that I have ever used. I personally got the Mocha color, however there is also a cream and caramel color.

Tantus is not lying when they say "realistic". The feeling is a little bit like rubber, however it when inserted, it feels just like the real thing. The insertable length of this is about 5.5 inches, which is perfect for most people (at least it is for me). The base of the dildo is shaped so that it also fits perfectly into an O-ring type strap-on harness for more fun. The texture is also mildly veined...It seems to add to the arousal, but once inserted, it does not change the feeling much.

Another great feature of this toy is that it is made of 100% silicone. This means that it is completely safe to use any sort of cleaning method for the toy (soap and water, dishwasher, boiling, etc...)

Overall, I really do not have any negative things to say about this other than it does not really come with any sort of bag or case for storage.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babeland Satin Bondage Kit Review

I am back with another review! The Babeland Satin Bondage Kit Not too long ago I got the Babeland Satin Bondage Kit and must say that it is amazing! The Satin feels great due to it being so soft. One of the downsides with getting this kit is that it is so soft. With having your restraints being satin, they become difficult to tie and thus not a great choice for people who are experienced in bondage or on a more advanced level. By no means would I say that is is not well made, I just need to warn you of what the target audience of this is. I highly recommend getting this if you are new to bondage or are wanting to test the waters of bondage. Not only is this great for beginners bondage, it also comes with a blindfold for an intro to sensory deprecation.


Comfort: 10
Restraint Ability: 5
Price: 8
Overall: 7.5

Monday, January 24, 2011

Update 1/24/11

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Hello everyone!

Just 2 weeks ago, I told you about my discovery on After 2 weeks of intensive experience of the site, I have come to the conclusion that it is damn near perfect! They have been so gracious as to send me toys for me to review. Obviously not every one of their products are perfect (that is why there are reviewers), but I have jet to have a bad experience with them. Because of them, I will be increasing the number of products that I review here.

I have already put up 9 reviews on their site, and I have many more comming. They are always having some sort of special going so that you can save money while also getting the toys you have always wanted. Also, Starting in a few days, I am going to be having a giveaway here. I will release more information on it soon.

Thank you, and make sure to check out Edenfantasys

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Discovery

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I just recently mentioned that I found the site Edenfantasys , I am now telling all of you that I recommend that all of you get an account on the site. I have only had an account there for a short amount of time and have had nothing but positive experiences. So many people there feel motivated to write meaningful reviews of all of the products there, and also the community is great. It is so nice to have a forum full of people that are friendly and honest. I will be going here for all of my sexual toys and information. Not only is there a great community, but they have an amazing selection of toys for whatever your desire is. Instead of me trying to give a long boring review of the site...go check it out for yourself!

Thank you!

New Website

I just found the site

I signed up for a program on their site, and I will be reviewing products from them to help stimulate my blog a little more.

Thank you for reading