Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tenga Egg Review

The next item that I am reviewing is the Tenga Egg. It can be found here:
Tenga Egg

I found the packaging to be cute. It actually looks like an egg and is amazing if you need to carry something with you that is small and subtle. I opened up the plastic egg and inside it was the toy with a packet of lube in it. After feeling the toy for a bit, I was not expecting much from it. It was very stretchy and it felt like it would rip easily.

After using it I was surprised by the outcome. I was able to use quite a bit of force with it and it did not seem to give out. I still do not entirely trust the durability of it though. With the different textures these eggs can do wonders for your sex life.

These are also one of the easiest toys I have seen when it comes to how easy it is to clean.


Durability: 5
Price: 8
Subtlety: 10
Pleasure: 7
Ease of cleaning: 10
Worth Buying: 8

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